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Nanyang Malaysian Restaurant, Edinburgh

Having lived in Singapore for over five years we couldn't help but fall in love with the food there and this was one of the things we always knew we would miss a lot when we left. Whilst cooking up our own versions of these dishes (or rather my husband cooking up these versions) isn't the challenge it would have been once upon a time, thanks to the ease of getting the key ingredients nowadays, it's also nice to be able to enjoy a taste of that part of the world without doing it yourself. When we first moved here we guessed that we should surely be able to get some pretty decent interpretations of this food somewhere in the city, and so began the search. As luck would have it one of my husband's former colleagues was a Singaporean based here and was able to recommend a few reasonably authentic spots to him for us to try, one of which was the Nanyang Malaysian restaurant.

We've been here quite a few times now and it's pretty good, especially when we are craving so…

Spring has Sprung!

After what seems like forever, despite me really enjoying my first winter back (even though we didn't get any snow like this snow deprived lady was hoping for) Spring has finally shown its face here in Edinburgh. Daffodils, snowdrops and bluebells have bloomed and blossom is everywhere with its scent wafting on the breeze. The days have certainly got milder and the sun has returned, you can't help but feel good and want to get outside again.
Having shared some lovely Autumn photos on my blog previously I couldn't resist sharing  just a few from Edinburgh in the Spring too.

Exploring Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Whilst returning to Singapore for a holiday was lovely we decided we couldn't travel all that way without going somewhere else too, preferably somewhere we never got to whilst we were living there. As I've mentioned previously we can be a bit last minute when making plans, so much so that we didn't actually book our trip away until we were in Singapore! Therefore we needed to choose somewhere where we didn't need to worry about visas and, yes I know most can be sorted online in a few days, but playing it safe as we weren't at home we figured we wouldn't chance it. Luckily that didn't mean our options were that limited.
My travels to Malaysia were actually pretty limited, perhaps somewhat surprising given that Singapore is literally next door! During the time I lived there the only part I went to was Kuching and then only for a blink and you'll miss it visit. Yes that's right I never got to Kuala Lumpur, any of the many beautiful islands (I've lu…

Arthur's Seat, St Anthony's Chapel and St Margaret's Loch, Edinburgh

Visit Edinburgh and you can't miss Arthur's Seat looming over the city, the now extinct volcano stands out from vantage points all over and is the main peak in the group of hills that Edinburgh is built upon. Let's be honest, if you've ever visited, lived or live here you can't fail to have noticed just how hilly a city it is.
I've done the climb/walk a couple of times now and whilst I wouldn't say it's the easiest, it's certainly steep in places and I have questioned my sanity as I've been doing it, the end result is well worth it. I confess I'd never really appreciated you could just walk up it until moving here, I suppose in my head I thought it was only climbable with specialist gear. Well you don't need anything like that but do wear sensible walking shoes or trainers and go prepared for it being windy and perhaps cooler when you get to the top. Both times I've done it have been stunning days giving incredible views across Edinb…

Rabbit, Carrot, Gun, Singapore: A Great Place to Stay

When you've lived somewhere and then go back to visit, the question of where to stay is potentially quite an important one. Do you stay in the predominantly touristy parts a million miles away from where you lived, but giving you the chance to be a total tourist or do you stay back where you used to live for old times sake? I'm sure many who return to an old home deliberate on this and good reasons could be given for either option but for us it was a bit of a no-brainer, we wanted to stay back on the East Coast of Singapore. This was our former neighbourhood, where a lot of our friends still live and where a lot of our favourite places to eat and hang out were. Once that decision was made the choice of where to stay was an even easier one, it had to be at Rabbit, Carrot, Gun.

Rabbit, Carrot, Gun and its linked next door neighbour, The Trenchard Arms (a British style pub) were regular haunts of ours whilst we lived in Singapore. The restaurant (that's the Rabbit, Carrot, Gun…

Edinburgh's Georgian Shadows

Did you know Edinburgh's New Town is celebrating its 250th anniversary this year? The New Town, a part of the city's UNESCO World Heritage site, is marking the event, with a lumiere event showcasing the Georgian past of this part of the city. In addition to simply just celebrating the 250th anniversary of the New Town this is also a signature event in Scotland's Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology 2017.
We went down to have a look earlier this week, beginning the walk just off St Andrew Square and finishing up at Charlotte Square. It's a self guided walk (though I think there are also some guided walks you can join) so it's easy to go at your own pace, take as long as you like over the different stops, stop off somewhere mid-route for refreshments of some kind and is accessible to all. Most importantly though it's completely free to enjoy.

Along the route the link boys (there's one in the photo below) show you the route to follow. In case you don't …

Petworth House, West Sussex

I'm very slowly trying to catch up on some long outstanding posts in between more recent ones. This one is a post, I'm ashamed to say, that actually goes back to just before I relocated to Scotland in September last year!
As those of you with long memories may recall I (and my husband for a while) lived back at my parents for a spell last year. If you come from or have lived in the UK (specifically England, Scotland has their August holiday earlier in the month) you'll also know there is a Bank Holiday at the very end of August, a kind of one last long weekend whilst the weather is hopefully still good enough to enjoy being outdoors. When I was growing up my parents and I would often visit a nearby attraction of some kind on Bank Holidays, making the most of the long weekend and my parents will usually still do this with friends or just by themselves. With this in mind my parents thought it would be nice for us to all go out together somewhere and we opted for Petworth Hou…

The Peranakan Museum, Singapore

Although much of our visit back to Singapore was about spending time catching up with old friends and eating we did also have some free time to visit places again and basically be a bit of a tourist. I've always enjoyed visiting museums, something Singapore does very well, though I did always think it a shame that they charged entrance fees just to view the regular exhibits, but going back to one was on my list of things to try and do.

One of the many museums I visited when we lived there, but a long time ago and one my husband had never done was the Peranakan museum on Armenian Street. During my time living in Singapore I not only enjoyed a lot of Peranakan food but also appreciated their beautiful pottery and needlework designs plus the gorgeous colours and designs on many of the shophouses. I thought it all so pretty that before we left I made sure I bought my own little piece of Peranakan inspired pottery as one of many permanent souvenirs of our time in the country. As we had…

What did you do in Singapore? We ate!

We've just returned from a holiday in Singapore, our first visit back since leaving last year. I admit I had a few nerves about going back beforehand. I was excited to be seeing old friends and old haunts but also a little worried that it might all seem too weird and odd and I actually wouldn't enjoy myself. You often hear people saying you shouldn't go back and having had five and a half incredibly happy years there I didn't want to taint that in someway. However luckily it was fine, yes a bit strange at times knowing we were only visiting, but still underneath that great fun and it was good to be back. In actual fact, given that neither myself or my husband really wanted to leave when we had to, our return visit helped me, at least, lay a few ghosts to rest. It proved it's great to be back but also that it was equally nice to come home again, back to all our things and, of course, our cat who I always miss when we travel, no matter for how long it is.
I'm not…